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Why do more and more people start business and choose Internet telephony agents?

Issuing time: 2018-06-13 00:00


▏通讯市场 ▏ APP商城 Focus on VoIP project ▏ Communication market ▏ APP mall

Making a call via VoIP software

Is the most cost-effective communication mode on the market

In this way, we can save 80% of the monthly phone bill

And you can call from landline or mobile phone

Very convenient


网络电话可不仅仅是一个通信产品,也是一款可以帮助商家赚钱的工具,网络电话代理适合多种人群的批发和投资。 Well, as a popular product, it also brings us investment opportunities. At the same time, for current businesses, Internet telephony is not only a communication product, but also a tool that can help businesses make money. Internet telephony Agents are suitable for wholesale and investment of a variety of people.


For small entrepreneurs

For college students and office workers seeking part-time employment

In order to become an Internet phone agent, earn the difference profit through cheap wholesale Internet phone cards. Internet telephony software is one of the more affordable tools in the current communication market. In addition, it is easy to operate and does not require mobile phones or card replacements. It is deeply favored by consumers.

It can be said that there are as many markets as there are people in China who make calls. Internet telephony agents do not require franchise fees, store fees, etc. At the same time, there is no requirement for professional technology. The threshold is very low and the working hours are very free. It is very suitable for small entrepreneurs and users seeking part-time jobs.


For shopping malls, supermarkets and stores

In the mobile Internet era, business in the traditional retail industry is not as good as before. In order to obtain more customer resources and clear inventory, many businesses will use a variety of promotional activities. Therefore, offline shopping malls can use Internet phone cards to make gift cards for store promotions. Their economical and practical features are particularly prominent in promotional gifts.

Compared with traditional gifts, Internet phone card promotion has the advantages of data statistics and customer management. Traditional gifts are given out immediately. There is no follow-up or other services with the user, no user data can be obtained, and user data cannot be mined. the value of. After the Internet phone card is sent out, the user can generate corresponding account data and behavior data during the use of the gift. The merchant can use the data brought by the gift to strengthen the relationship with the user and continue to provide the merchant or service.

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