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What you need to know to make a phone advertising card!

作者:辰虹科技 Published: 2018-08-09 10:42 Author: Chen Hong Technology

虽然说辰虹科技网络电话会提供专业知识的培训以及销售技巧的培训,但还是需要咱们代理商用心去学习。 In order to be a good agent of the Internet phone platform, in addition to choosing a brand, the marketing behind is very important . Although Chen Hong Technology Internet Phone will provide professional knowledge training and sales skills training, but our agents still need to study carefully. For example, the following issues that consumers are more concerned about need agents to memorize.


Software that saves phone bills and money


  • 1. What are the advantages of Internet phones over traditional phones?

Internet phone charges are cheaper than traditional phones. In addition, when using Internet phone operation, you do not need to change the card or mobile phone number. You can use the APP immediately after downloading the APP on your mobile phone. In addition, now using Chenhong Internet Phone, users can get extra coupons for Taobao, Tmall, and many other e-commerce platforms when they recharge, and they can directly deduct cash for shopping.

  • 2. How do I use an Internet Phone Card?

Follow the instructions on the back of the recharge card, scan the QR code, download the APP software to install, register, and recharge, and then click this icon to call.

  • 3. How many days is the validity period of the Internet phone recharge card?

Answer: 30 days from the date of recharge is valid.

  • 4. What's the difference between the two dialing methods of VoIP direct dialing and callback?

Direct dialing is to directly initiate a call. When you dial back, the system will ring back to your mobile phone first, and you will not be connected to the called party until you answer the call. Direct dial fee flow, callback does not cost traffic.

  • 5. If I use Internet phone, will the original mobile phone charge be deducted?

No, Internet calling has nothing to do with the original phone bill. However, the mobile phone cannot be stopped and cannot be used after arrears.

  • 6. What if the phone card I bought is closed?

我们可以郑重的声明,我们公司是行业的老品牌,从事这个行业多年,有自身的职业操守,也有对这个行业的认可和抱负,是不会关闭系统服务器的。 We ca n’t guarantee other brands, but for the network phone platform agent of Chenhong Technology, we can solemnly declare that our company is an old brand in the industry. And ambition, will not shut down the system server. Even if it is a 0.1% chance, we will give the agent a reasonable arrangement.

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