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Sichuan Chenhong Technology Co., Ltd.

科技有限公司主要从事手机 APP研发,销售,运营为一体的高科技企业。 Sichuan Chenhong Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and development, sales and operation of mobile APP as a high-tech enterprise. 重庆 More than 100 professional technical research and development teams, professional technical research and development team in Chongqing . The mobile APP developed by the company has been recognized and supported by people from all walks of life and various industries in the country, and has been identified by the state as the most promising project for market development.

The mobile phone APP client developed by the company is a graft between mobile phone and network technology. In this APP, you can upload the latest news of the company anytime, anywhere, you can display corporate image, product introduction, online consultation, social sharing, so that businesses can better sell and promote their products. Users can purchase online directly through this APP, which not only enhances the visibility of merchants or enterprises, but also increases their turnover, which is a relatively new project in China.

The biggest feature of the mobile APP is that it can provide accurate advertising for businesses and enterprises. At present, it has provided accurate wireless marketing and brand promotion services for tens of thousands of businesses and enterprises. According to the requirements of businesses and enterprises, the corresponding ads are placed on users And make your ads lively, interesting and compelling on your phone.

Manager Wang15928219002
Building 6, Phase 2, Innovation Center, Wucheng District, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province
Hot Jobs
Gathering professional headhunters for elite talents
Director of Sales
元/月 5000-7500 yuan / month
年底双薪 交通补助 Five insurances and one financial fund
Sichuan Chenhong Technology Co., Ltd.
Manager | High School | Any
Regional partner
元/月 20000-30000 yuan / month
年底双薪 交通补助 Five insurances and one financial fund
Sichuan Chenhong Technology Co., Ltd.
Manager | High School | Any
元/月 5000-7500 yuan / month
年底双薪 交通补助 Five insurances and one financial fund
Sichuan Chenhong Technology Co., Ltd.
Manager | High School | Any
Wealth protection
Life balance
Health protection
In addition to regular training and a sound promotion mechanism, employees also enjoy salary adjustment opportunities twice a year and year-end rewards and benefits.
The company pays pensions, medical care,
Work injury, unemployment, maternity insurance, housing provident fund,
Social security for employees' peace of mind.
In addition to snacks, every little friend can enjoy the holiday gift
Products, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, weddings
Gold, childbirth gift, corruption in food and drink.
Regularly organize football, basketball and badminton every week. There are already two professional and amateur teams. Apart from work, you must exercise well.
Raise & Year-end Award
Social Security & Housing Provident Fund
Thoughtful benefits
Sports Association
Paid vacation
Annual tour
Closed on weekends, statutory holidays, and enjoyed marriage, annual, paternity and paid annual leave.
Organize a tour once a year, we refuse to travel inside the province.
Annual inspection
Accident Insurance
medical insurance
To provide small partners with an annual physical health check to comprehensively check everyone's physical condition. Prevent various health risks as early as possible.
Purchase accident insurance for eligible employees for
Light people "Come out" to escort.
Buying medical insurance for eligible partners
No longer worry about seeing a doctor.
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15928219002(王经理) Phone: 15928219002 (Manager Wang) E-mail:

省绵阳市科创园区创新中心2期6号楼 Company Address: Building 6, Innovation Center, Phase 2, Science and Technology Park , Mianyang City, Sichuan Province

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