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Offline channel building capacity
There are more than 1,400 cooperation channels across the country;
Precision marketing and planning capabilities
Create a marketing platform for offline merchants to help merchants achieve accurate marketing to users;
Communication technology research and development capabilities
Established independent research and development center, using intelligent scheduling system and intelligent routing solution;
The core advantage of making a lot of customers
Offline channel communication technology precision marketing data platform network coverage
Data platform operation capabilities
Establish an operating system with about 150 million registered users;
Internet online market coverage
Occupy more than 50% of the online market share, covering hundreds of online media and alliances;
Introduction of profit model
01 Prepaid Card Profit

The gift promotion market is huge. This promotion card is applicable to all retail service industries, store promotion, full purchase promotion, drainage promotion, etc.

02 Taobao promotion profit
Combining phone bills with Taobao Tmall shopping, get 20% -80% promotion commission for Taobao Tmall. According to the data, if you have 100,000 users, based on 10% conversion, the commission on Taobao Tmall is considerable, and the commission generated by subsequent repurchase is not calculated.
03 Make money with product promotion and advertising space

The more users, the higher the advertising value, there may be online Taobao Tmall merchants and offline physical merchants to cooperate. Advertising fees are charged according to the amount of bills issued. While earning commissions, earn merchants' billing fees. According to the current Taobao promotion market billing price, it is 10 yuan per product and is valid for one week.

Taobao shopping has become an essential shopping habit in life

元! In 2009, 27 brands participated, and Tmall ’s Double Eleven sales were 50 million yuan !

元! In 2010, 711 stores participated, and the number increased to 936 million yuan !

元,淘宝和天猫共52亿 ! In 2011, 2,200 stores participated, and the sales of Tmall Double 11 has jumped to 3.36 billion yuan , with Taobao and Tmall totaling 5.2 billion !

元,其中包括天猫商城132亿元,淘宝59亿元! 2012: RMB 19.1 billion , including RMB 13.2 billion in Tmall and RMB 5.9 billion in Taobao!

元! 2013: The final transaction value is 35.2 billion yuan !

元(最终数字)! 2014: 57.1 billion yuan (final figure)!

元! 2015: The transaction value has exceeded 91.2 billion yuan !

元! 2016: Covering 235 countries and regions, with a transaction value of more than 120.7 billion yuan !

,其中移动支付占82% ,PC端支付18% ! 2017: Transaction volume exceeded 177.04 billion , of which mobile payment accounted for 82% , PC payment was 18% !

In 2017, the rise of mobile payment also foreshadows the market prospect of mobile APPs!

Phone bills, not only for phone calls, but also for cash shopping on Taobao Tmall

Ten years ago, those who ran Taobao enjoyed a feast of wealth!

Some people suspect that Confused missed the opportunity, there is not even a bite of soup!

Today's call function just needs to add Taobao shopping habits, forming a new model of efficient user conversion!

Are you ready for new business opportunities ?

Do you still want to miss it? Do you still want to be mediocre?

The deduction of shopping coupons for phone bills can also reduce line costs!

The opportunity for multiple profits is coming! !! !!

Toll shopping advantage
公司品牌与公司资质的强有力后盾,结合地区保护政策,免费接受公司提供的客户资源,可承接该区域公司所有产品的推广工作。 Regional cooperation model The strong backing of the company's brand and company qualifications, combined with the regional protection policy, accepts customer resources provided by the company for free, and can undertake the promotion of all products of the company in the region.
拥有独立的整套电话系统,自行发行卡密,自行发展商家、代理。 The brand building model has an independent complete telephone system, issues card secrets by itself, and develops merchants and agents on its own.
成功客户案例 Successful Customer Cases of Choosing Shopping Cards

After 10 years of technology research and development, Chenhong Technology officially launched the cooperation business from October 2017 to June 2018. In a short period of time, it has successfully developed 2,000 cooperative merchants with up to 12 million active users.

卡面案例 Case of Choosing Shopping Cards
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